Digging Deeper

This morning arms, back, and shoulders are reminding me how I chose to spend my weekend. For about nine hours, the family and I created a fence enclosure for our new garden. This required digging three, four-foot deep holes for the main poles. The work was as exhausting as advertised.

As the hole went deeper, for a while I would occasionally set aside the post-hole digger and reach deep into the hole to scoop out the wet clay with my hands. It was a welcome occasional shift of muscle energy until at one point I thrust my hand down into the hole — and couldn’t reach the bottom!

When we dig deeper, we enter the unknown. The brute force that we could get by with in shallow ground no longer works. New tools and techniques are needed to reach our goal. The first time we push into that dark unknown it is unsettling, but the more we familiarize ourselves with the deep, the more adept we become at pushing further.

We live in unprecedented times when each of us are called up to exercise our muscles in new ways. We need deeper insight and compassion. We need to plumb the depths of our desire for social justice and community well-being. If we stay in the shallow end, I fear that we will just turn over the same dirt that we have before. Let’s dig deeper than we ever imagined.

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