Shifting Perspective

After nine weeks of commandeering my dining room table as a work location, I decided today was time for a change. When COVID-19 struck, my normal work-from-home office was lost by the demands of virtual education, so I shifted operations to a new location. The dining room spot was fine, with a nice view out the window and the thrilling backdrop of my coffee machine enhancing all my Zoom meetings.

Today, I have picked up and moved exactly 15 feet into another room and faced my workstation in the opposite direction. While the geographic dispersal is minor, it feels different. Is it better? I can’t say just yet, but the simple act of shifting perspective presents me with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

This is true in all aspects of our lives. Even when pandemics don’t threaten our public health, we are susceptible to living and thinking into ruts that lead us down well-worn paths. These rigid guardrails are not always bad, but they limit our creativity. In normal times, our work life builds in experiences that challenge these norms — new meetings, new places, holiday celebrations, conferences, travel — but, now all these things — both professional and personal — seem to happen in the same virtual “room” leading to a greater likelihood of falling into the malaise of the comfortable.

Sometimes, we just have to step outside the comfort of these pathways, to shift our vantage point, to listen to a new perspective, to force ourselves to think differently– if even for a moment. We can always return to what was good in our previous location or view. I may find myself back at the dining room table after all (or hopefully steal my office back when summer hits!).

So, if you’re feeling in a bit of a rut, shift your perspective — mentally, physically, emotionally, relationally. It might just be the change that you need right now.

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